CPFP Winter 2018

All seminars are on Mondays at 2:30 p.m. in Room 158, Amundson Hall
(full schedule PDF)

February 26: Truong Pham Drying of droplets of colloidal suspensions on rough, permeable substrates: the effect of particle adsorption

March 5: Vasileios Charitatos Dynamic wetting failure in shear-thinning and shear-thickening liquids

March 19: Prof. Sungyon Lee Pattern formation in suspensions (Mechanical Eng.)

April 2: Noah Holzman Modulus tunability of 3D printed periodic structures

April 9: Panayiotis Kolliopoulos Capillary flow and evaporation in open microchannels

April 23: Chance Parrish Coating and drying of discrete objects

(and) April 23: K. Jochem Fabrication of high resolution, high aspect ratio metal conductors using roll-to-roll compatible processing techniques

April 30: Chung-Hsuan Huang Electrohydrodynamic effects in liquid transfer with plates and cavities

(and) April 30: Jyun-Ting Wu Cavity emptying of shear-thinning and shearthickening liquids

CPFP Fall 2017 Schedule

The first seminar of the series, on September 18, is in 156 Amundson.  All the rest are in 116 Amundson.  All are on Mondays at 3:30 pm.

September 18          Noah Holzman
156 AmH                    Effect of Infill Pattern and Density on 3D Printed Silicones

September 25          Ting-Pi Sun
116 AmH                    Impact Force of a Liquid Drop

October 2                 Alireza Mohammad Karim
116 AmH                   Effect of Rheological Properties on Curtain Coating Stability

October 9                 Koichi Nakano 
 16 AmH                    Effect of Non-Newtonian Rheology on Coating Window
                                   in Tensioned-Web-Over-Slot Die Coating

October 16               Yuyang Du
116 AmH                   Scalable Fabrication of Microstructured Coatings with
                                   Thiol-ene Photopolymers

October 23                Chance Parrish
116 AmH                    Effect of Evaporation and Colloidal Particles on the
                                    Coating of Discrete Objects

November 6              Yan Wu
116 AmH                    Cracking Behavior of Coatings with Nano-sized Particles

November 13           Chung Hsuan Huang
116 AmH                   Electrostatic Assist of Liquid Transfer in Printing Processes

November 27           Truong Pham
116 AmH                   Evaporation of Droplets: One-Sided Model vs.
                                    Diffusion-Limited Model

December 4             Jyun-Ting Wu
116 AmH                   The Influence of Shear on Liquid Emptying from a
                                    Gravure Cavity