CPFP Fall 2017 Schedule

The first seminar of the series, on September 18, is in 156 Amundson.  All the rest are in 116 Amundson.  All are on Mondays at 3:30 pm.

September 18          Noah Holzman
156 AmH                    Effect of Infill Pattern and Density on 3D Printed Silicones

September 25          Ting-Pi Sun
116 AmH                    Impact Force of a Liquid Drop

October 2                 Alireza Mohammad Karim
116 AmH                   Effect of Rheological Properties on Curtain Coating Stability

October 9                 Koichi Nakano 
 16 AmH                    Effect of Non-Newtonian Rheology on Coating Window
                                   in Tensioned-Web-Over-Slot Die Coating

October 16               Yuyang Du
116 AmH                   Scalable Fabrication of Microstructured Coatings with
                                   Thiol-ene Photopolymers

October 23                Chance Parrish
116 AmH                    Effect of Evaporation and Colloidal Particles on the
                                    Coating of Discrete Objects

November 6              Yan Wu
116 AmH                    Cracking Behavior of Coatings with Nano-sized Particles

November 13           Chung Hsuan Huang
116 AmH                   Electrostatic Assist of Liquid Transfer in Printing Processes

November 27           Truong Pham
116 AmH                   Evaporation of Droplets: One-Sided Model vs.
                                    Diffusion-Limited Model

December 4             Jyun-Ting Wu
116 AmH                   The Influence of Shear on Liquid Emptying from a
                                    Gravure Cavity